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'Structural engineering using Eurocode 2 - reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete'
Horst Werkle and Dorle Pieper
All rights reserved
© Fachhochschule Konstanz, 1996, 1997, 2003, 2004

All parts of this work are covered by copyright. Any use outside of the tight confines of the copyright laws without the permission of the authors is inadmissible and criminal.

Translations in the field of civil engineering require a special vocabulary, which may not be adequately found in technical dictionaries. The compiled technical information found here relates to structural engineering and for the time being to reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete construction.
It is orientated about the vocabulary from the Eurocodes, which is becoming the technical and linguistical standard in Europe. The work was developed at the Fachhochschule Konstanz in conjunction with the technical language education of civil engineering students.

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